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Personnel Base Camps

There are times when Federal, State, Local Government Agencies and Private Industry need a “One-Button” solution for their disaster response needs.  Ellipse Global provides that “One-Button” solution.

Tell us what you need and we will build it.

Ellipse Global provides Full Service, Turn Key, Base Camp Services. Anywhere.  Anytime.  We have camp designs for as few as 25 persons up to 5000 persons.  We have camp designs that are mobile or stationary.  We have menus designed to keep the most finicky eater happy or to provide high calorie counts meals to fuel our first responders. 

Bottom line, we offer solutions that are flexible to meet your specific needs.

During the response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Ellipse Global was providing 12 concurrent camps.   Providing for the safety and well-being of more than 6,000 men, woman and children, meeting their basic daily needs for food, water, shelter and sanitation.  In addition to the basic daily needs, Ellipse Global is always sensitive to special needs of our tenants.  Constantly looking for ways to make everything just a little bit better. A little more like home. 

Please contact us to learn how Ellipse Global can customize a solution to be part of your organization’s disaster preparedness and response plan.

Oilfield Base Camps

THE PROBLEM: With the numerous concurrent drilling rigs operating in remote areas, local support services soon become overwhelmed, sold out, and impossible to find. Hotels within an hour or more driving distance have no vacancies and your crews are resorting to available gas station food and sleeping in their vehicles.

THE SOLUTION: Ellipse Global, provided a mini-city with all the services your crews need.

Safe, climate controlled shelters, 3 square meals a day, well-appointed dining facilities, hot showers, comfortable bedding, recreation facilities and even laundry facilities.  

This very affordable solution will take the stresses of day-to-day living out of your operation and keeps your crew operation at peak efficiency.

  • Billeting – Crew and executive heated yurts with individual sleeping cots, footlockers and 120v power access.
  • Restrooms – Compartmentalized clean restroom trailers for privacy.
  • Shower Service – Clean hot showers available 24 hours per day with sinks and mirrors.
  • Kitchen Cooked Buffet Style Food Service – Hot breakfast, sack lunch, hot dinner and a midnight meal available.
  • Laundry Service – Self-service washers and dryers available 24 hours per day.
  • Recreation Facilities – Lounges with TV service and internet access.

Ellipse Global is a nationwide firm specializing in the support of Emergency and non-typical response operations. Our team of industry leaders, with over 75 years combined team expertise in logistics, operations, food service, shower service, laundries, restroom, hospitality and ancillary support services.

If you do things in remote setting, or have the need to be mobile bouncing from one site to another site, Ellipse Global can craft a solution for you!

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Temporary Housing

Let Ellipse Global’s 45 years of experience in event support make your event a success. We can help by providing expertise to design temporary housing solutions to support the needs of your VIP guests, to mass populations of event attendees, to your own staff!  Our event team delivers world-class results. Our in-depth knowledge of logistics, operations and mobile support solutions will allow you to focus your energy where it should be – on your event.

Ellipse Global can provide housing solutions with a large array of options for to meet the needs of your most demanding clients.  Our solution can range from mobile bunkhouses, to soft sided, to hard sided housing structures with options for climate control, lighting and power distribution.

With 45+ years of experience, we use our comprehensive resource base of personnel and equipment to provide full service, turn-key solutions, including:

  • Pre- and post-event consulting.
  • Bunkhouse, hard sided or soft sided housing options.
  • HVAC for comfortable climate-controlled environments.
  • Lighting and power distribution.
  • Wind and weather rated structures for use in difficult climates.
  • Venue construction and operations.
  • Planning and staffing.
  • Delivering world-class support to corporate clients, marketing agencies, non-profit groups and disaster recovery sites.
  • Management expertise in the areas of planning, logistics, design and execution.
  • We are a behind-the-scenes service provider. Our job is to make your event a success.
  • Total commitment to delivering high-quality, hassle-free solutions to you and your clients.




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