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Disaster Relief Services

Response to forest fires and other natural disasters is the foundation of our business. We are a comprehensive logistics company focused on remote base camps and facilities management, with more than 450 experienced first responders and highly skilled operations and logistics professionals trained in the Incident Command System (ICS). With our mobile command centers, personnel base campsmobile kitchens, refrigerator trucks and shower and laundry trailers, we have the ability to set-up a virtual self-supporting city at the base of any disaster or emergency in just a few hours. 

Incident Catering

Emergency response is hard work. People need quality food to stay energized and face the elements. Whether in a remote location or an disaster-impacted urban center, we can set up a fully functioning dining facility just a few hours after on-site arrival.

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Incident Command System Personnel

Having worked with the US Forest Service in every decade since, the Incident Command System has become core to our operating procedures. We leverage the methodology in all aspects of our business, whether its responding to a large natural disaster or managing a single piece of equipment at a remote base camp.  Our managers have over 280 years of combined experience with ICS.  Our customers can expect to receive a highly skilled workforce capable of safe and effective management of complex issues in challenging environments.  Our employees provide consistent, reliable service and are focused on delivering beyond customer expectations with limited oversight. 

Rapid Response

We specialize in logistics support, emergency response, contingency planning, and equipment design.  In addition, we maintain a fleet of over 400 pieces of specialized mobile equipment, and 800+ employees located around the country with 24/7 on-call capabilities.  The result is an organization with a proven track record of adaptability and rapid delivery of high quality products and services for a broad range of customers.



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