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Overview of Cycle Oregon and its Partnership with OK’S Cascade

Cycle Oregon represent one of the largest multiday bicycle riding events in the country and has earned the distinctive moniker as the Best Bike Ride in America.  Since 1988, Cycle Oregon has offered an annual seven-day cycling excursion that explores different parts of Oregon to highlight the natural beauty of the state and raise awareness and support for bicycle advocacy.  Cycle Oregon also provides approximately $150,000 each year to community groups for the services they provide during the events.  Participants have access to scenic campsites, plentiful food, hot showers, live entertainment and a fully supported route.  Included with the experience is access to high-end services like massages and gourmet food and beverage items such as cold microbrews, Oregon wine and cheese, and premium coffee.

With over four decades of experience supporting and providing for those who exert themselves in extreme situations and remote locations, OK’S Cascade has successfully partnered with Cycle Oregon to develop and execute what is considered to be one of the best multi-day cycling events in the country.  Dubbed “the best bike ride in America” this premium event has consistently reached over 1,800 discerning participants per year for the past 10 plus years.  OK’S Cascade has partnered with Cycle Oregon since 1990.


  • Organize a one-of-a-kind event that is fully supported throughout its seven-day duration for up to 2,500 riders and support staff
  • Coordinate the required logistics to provide participants with timely access to exceptional food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), hand washing stations, hot showers and changing stations–ready each morning and waiting at each day’s destination
  • Provide participants with protection from the elements and opportunities to rest, recover and enjoy the experience after the day’s ride, as well as support the event staff


OK’S Cascade in collaborated with the Cycle Oregon staff prior to the event and provided valuable insight into route logistics, food delivery and preparation, water availability, shower and hand washing access and general infrastructure needs to support participants and event staff.  OK’S Cascade deployed a team of over 40 people including a dedicated project manager and logistics/operations manager to support the event beginning three days prior to the arrival of the first participants.  In addition, OK’S Cascade worked with Cycle Oregon to prepare a meal plan with a focus on creating high quality, delicious, diverse food options (including vegetarian) with significant nutritional content to provide riders the fuel needed for the entire event. 

Cycle Oregon 2016 by the numbers:


Meals served



Mobile facilities delivered


Company and volunteer personnel housed

As the logistics and operational support partner to Cycle Oregon, OK’S Cascade helps to provide best in class services to the 2,000 plus riders and support staff.  Each year the partnership creates a truly unique community experience in some of the most remote and beautiful regions of Oregon.  While the ride last 7 days, participants create a sense of community which last a lifetime.

OK’S Cascade partners with its customers to deliver turnkey solutions for critical event services.  With its national footprint and highly trained staff, OK’S Cascade aims to improve the overall experience for event participants to enhance the value of its partner brands.

We exist to deliver the power of community.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

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