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Mobile Kitchens

At Ellipse Global, we are experts at providing large-scale commercial mobile kitchen trailer units for rent that can be used for emergency mobile kitchens for catering and food service. We take pride in our ability to serve hot and fresh meals anywhere! Our emergency mobile catering kitchens are completely self-contained. So whether it is an event in a remote location, or right outside your door, we are ready to serve you.

Just how many meals can our kitchens serve? The sky is the limit. Our mobile kitchen trailers are capable of serving thousands of meals each day. Even if you need 700 lunches and 7000 dinners, our mobile kitchens have the capability to prepare your meals right on time with plenty to go around.

Ellipse Global also can provide you with full food service support when using our kitchen trailers wherever you need it!  Just because we provide large-scale meals, do not think that you will get small-scale taste. Our highly trained, professional and courteous staff are experts at food service preparation and presentation. Plus, all our mobile catering kitchen trailer units are stocked with commercial restaurant quality equipment. We have a wide variety of menu selections and are willing to accommodate any special menu needs that your support staff may have.

We offer mobile kitchen trailer rental in a 40’ to 48’ trailer size – see our trailer size chart for more specifics on each trailer rental details. Our mobile kitchens have been designed with an array of commercial grade cooking utilities including, grills, ovens, and stockpot burners. Each mobile kitchen rental also contains unobstructed counter space, storage compartments and a multi-compartment sink. Florescent and natural lighting is provided. Exhaust hood fans and natural ventilation are used to aerate the kitchen. Also fully equipped with portable water and grey water connections that meet all your needed requirements once set up.


Trailer Length (in ft.)

K-104 40′
K-108 30′
K-11 45′
K-112 36′
K-115 24′
K-116 36′
K-117 48′
K-4 30′
K-6 42′
K-7 42′
K-8 45′

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