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Mobile Command Center

Designed for rapid and recurring movement, Mobile Purpose Facilities can easily be dedicated as Command Centers, Administrative Centers, Medical Facilities, or Mobile Sleep Facilities. Whether providing emergency services during a hurricane or earthquake, sleeping accommodations for a special event, cleaning up after a petro/chemical spill, battling a forest fire, or during the reconstruction efforts as the result of a natural disaster, the Mobile Command Center is the prefect solution for all of your needs.

There are multiple models to serve various capacity needs, up to a six-compartment, 24-person multi-use Mobile Command Center with 500 square feet of common area.

The Mobile Centers are completely self-contained and can be set-up anywhere. Either as a single solution or combined with our showers, kitchens, and laundries or to supplement an emergency temporary structure facility. The Mobile Center trailers are ready to quickly mobilize for any emergency response situation.

Example of command center floor plan



MV-316  12
MV-317  10
MV-318  20
MV-319  20
MV-320  20
MV-321  20
MV-322  20
MV-323  20

Case Study: Base Camp Deployment

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